You know you're a Master's of video games student when...


You know you’re an MSEAE student when…

The “people” are seriously jealous.

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Where’s the fun?

I am so grateful that I’ve finally found a way to do all the things I love doing — writing, editing, math, engineering, games, art, creating, story telling, blogging, collaborating with amazingly talented and creative people, and just having fun making GAMES!

There’s so much theory and study to game design and play, but I love that the most important end goal in every game is FUN!! The question always comes back to, “What makes our/your/this game fun?” Because games should be an experience, magical, challenging, beautiful, puzzling, and fun, Fun, fUn, FUN! Just like life! (Note to those that follow: a question you will always be asked and must KNOW the answer to is: “What is fun about your game?” If you don’t know, discover it. If it’s not fun, fix it or scrap it. If you know, add the fun everywhere you can without being too much and tell everybody!)

I’ve never been so inspired or felt so passionate. This game development/engineering/design journey is amazing. It’s hard, it’s wonderful, it’s challenging, it’s amazing, it’s keeping me super crazy busy (I think I get to sleep at Christmas time, maybe??), and it’s fun! Just the way it should be.

Where’s the fun? It’s right here.

(here = where I am because I am fun!) 😉

Helping Hand

Starting with Git — Resource Links

I’ve been sending out this information quite a bit (all in different emails). I figured this would make a perfect follow up to Learning Version Control, and I might as well just make a blog post with this information and then send people the link instead of searching aimlessly in my email for all this.

Git Interfaces

There are two different ways you can run git on windows (well, more, but these are the two I recommend):

GitExtensions — this is the easiest to pick up:

Git bash (command line) — this is the most powerful. A lot of times things are easier via the command line:

    • IMPORTANT: When you are install this version, after you’ve started the installer, make sure you select the “simple” git version with git bash and git gui (not git cheetah)

You can install both (in which case you may not want to install the git gui from git-scm), so you have a visual and command line interface.

Pro Git, by Scott Chacon

The most important chapters are 1-4, and 9 (if you want to really understand what is going on in the plumbing of git). If you’re using this for personal use, you can get a free copy here:

Alternatively, you can support the author by buying Pro Git from Amazon.

The MSEAE git repo URL

Game Dev Adventures!

Game Prototype 2, Week 2 — Starting Over

What started out as nothing more than an annoying cold, a slight tingle in my throat, turned into a throat infection on Tuesday. Boo! I was completely incapacitated and my team had to work without me. The decisions they made for the game were great though: including the decision to scrap our code from last week and start over, and our artist Christopher Cherrington had the great idea of having Luigi fail to save Pauline and now she has to save him!

Man I missed a lot that day: the decision of the professors to make this a three week project instead of four (so we won’t have to work over fall break), C++ class, feeling well… I really missed feeling healthy.

I was worried I was letting my team down, especially with the starting over bit, but when I talked to my producer James he reassured me that he knew I was a great engineer and that I didn’t have anything to prove. If we didn’t have a first playable by end of day Thursday, he said, “it will be because I didn’t organize the project right, not because of you.” James is going to be a great game producer. 

Thursday was quite a push since we no longer had a first playable prototype. So while other teams were working on implementing new features, we were working on getting back to where we were with our other code, only better and without the bugs. I know one other team had to do the same. So at least we weren’t the only ones. I got a lot of our new code merged and we’re really close to the first playable being done. We had a design meeting and talked about other things we’d love to add to the game. With the decision to add Luigi I had a couple ideas to add: using Luigi as a parachute, throwing him at the barrels to destroy them, and even using him to douse a fire. 🙂

I asked Christopher to make me some of the sprites for the Luigi ideas, and they’re awesome. I love our game.

…(Note to Nancy/Self: insert Christopher’s sprites!!)…

The pressure is on now, with the subtraction of a week for the project, we have only ONE work period left before it is due and we still need better barrel and fire obstacles, collision, and the Luigi code written. I might go cRaZY because we have so much left to do on the project, plus we have four+ hours of reading and quizzes on IP (Intellectual Property) due on Tuesday for Rapid Prototyping, in Game Design 1 my group is presenting and there’s lots of videos and research that I still need to do along with the regular critical reading assignment, and of course my C++ for Game Devs assignment. So, for me at least, everything is due next week before fall break, and I am currently lying in bed. Yikes! Going to be a long weekend. Hopefully I’ll stop coughing and hacking long enough to finish it all. Well, they don’t call it “Masters” for nothing! Wish me luck!

Lastly, I just have to say, my fellow classmates are THE BOMB! I had so many people reach out to me with concern and support. One of my friends even took exceptionally great notes just for me without me even asking, just because he knew I’d need them. I absolutely love my cohort. Couldn’t ask for better people: creative, intelligent, FUN, hard working, supportive, TALENTED, and caring. I’m excited to get to work with them for a very, very long time to come.

Iterating on the signature my professor Roger uses when he sends stuff from his iphone:

Please forgive spelling errors or stuff that doesn’t make sense. I am sick. Unless it’s funny! I did that on purpose. 😉