Nancy’s Games

Here’s a short list of some games I’ve worked on that I have builds available to play for free! All were experiments, made quickly (in one case, very quickly), so there are lots of bugs, er, FEATURES, and are really fun to play!

Schrodinger’s Uncertain Butterfly: A Principle in Perception

This one is my personal favorite. This game was made for the 2014 Global Game Jam with the theme “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Our team consisted of one other engineer, an artist, and a producer and was made in 24 hours in Unity.

It’s designed for PC. To start play you use the mouse to select buttons, then once you see the moving butterfly move with WASD

Teammates: Nancy Newren (gameplay engineer), Shane Sumsion (artist), and Swapnil Sawant (engineer), Casey Deans (producer)

Armadillo Smash N’ Roll

This was an experiment in touch games for Windows tablet made in Unity. The team broke up before we could refine the levels, but it’s still fun to play a few rounds.

Teammates:  Gagan Singh (engineer), Nancy Newren (engineer), Robert Guest (artist), Casey Deans (producer), Brad Dedea (producer)

The Woman Saves the Man

(This is not the title of the game we created, but as our game was based off a game with lots of IP, I had to give the title some generic-ing…)

Just for promoting girl power I must include this fun little game we made in flash. The experiment was to take an 80’s arcade game and riff off of it. It’s based off the game where a certain pumbler goes against a certain giant monkey, only this time a certain green dressed man attempts to save the woman; only in our version while defeating the giant monkey the green dressed man also manages to get knocked out and now the woman has to save him by carrying him out of the building to the little blue “door” at the bottom. She can’t jump on ladders, and she’s slower whilst carrying him (he’s heavy!), but she can (and does) throw him at the barrels to break them, but only up to five times before his body will break, so uses this power judiciously!

This game is really tough. Many have played. Few have won. In fact, only one of our team members could beat this final version. Good luck!

Yeah! Girl power!
Team: Nancy Newren (engineer), Swapnil Sawant (engineer), James Hulse (producer/engineer), Christopher Cherrington (artist),Travis Turner(producer)

The roles I play

I am a Gameplay Engineer (player controller, UI, user experience, AI, game mechanics, networking, and more), but I am also involved as a game designer, team lead, and occasionally as a concept “artist” (which is very fun!).

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